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Juliane Kuchar

English to German translator with specialist experience in science

Things you have to know…

  • Training in Physical Therapy
  • Licensed Pharmacy Technician
  • Biology Studies at Westminster College, Fulton, MO
  • BSc (Honours) Natural Science, First-class Honours, The Open University
  • Member of Deutscher Verband der freien Übersetzer und Dolmetscher e.V. (DVÜD)

Lived in: 2 countries (Germany and USA)
Studied in: 3 countries (Germany, UK and USA)
Qualified in: 4 subjects (biology, physical therapy, pharmacy and natural science with focus on molecular biology and pharmacology)


Born and bred in Germany I decided to broaden my horizon and took a year off from school for a student exchange year in the United States. I did not expect to land in Mid-West, nobody else expected me to stay there much longer than the anticipated one year. At the end of my student exchange year, I decided to stay a while longer at a small liberal arts college. The knowledge I gained – immense. The insight into American culture I got – priceless. As a foreigner in the US I learned that effective communication requires more than language skills.

After returning to Germany I kept my career path within the life science sector, but always loved most when I was able to use my language skills. I took the leap and changed my career path, becoming a freelance translator.


I am a firm believer that you can never know too much. I always want more knowledge in the scientific field and want to give my customers the best possible service.

Recent courses and workshops:

  • Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trials in Health Care (edX)
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (edX)
  • Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Disease (Coursera)



I have the scientific background to offer you translations with style and a high level of accuracy and also have the bicultural knowledge to preserve the message of the source text within the translation.


I have eight years of experience in various fields within the pharmaceutical industry ranging from small companies present only on the German market up to a global player. I understand those companies and what they are looking for.

Customer Satisfaction

I will research your company and products to fully understand your texts. The more I work with you, the better I can translate, since I get to know your products and business culture. I constantly strive to improve my services for you through constructive feedback.

Close Client Relationships

I will be your only point of contact for all business matters. From the beginning to the end you know who you deal with. I don’t pass on work to third parties and you do not have to deal with middle men. This also means complete confidentiality for you.


I am not a person who stops learning after getting the degree. I will actively pursue new knowledge and could spend hours on research to provide you with the best translation possible.


You can be sure to receive your translated document by the set deadline. You will get a translation with the highest level of quality on time.